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How We Keep Your Costs Down And Our Prices Affordable

In order to keep your costs as low as possible we customize pricing according to many variables, including program duration, number of sites (units, facilities) where the programming will be used, your own budget situation, and so forth. In general, our approach makes our resources uniquely affordable. In many cases, our customers saved significant amounts of money!

We sell on a one-time, site license basis. This means that each licensed site that uses our programming pays once– and only once– for a license that allows unlimited duplication for as long as they wish to use the program. There are never any re-licensing fees, no required training (although training is available if you wish it), and no additional fees ever.

Here’s an illustration of how we price our materials: One type of model we can offer consists of a variety of structured, open group 10-lesson units. A single unit of 10 one-hour lessons (including lesson plans, participant lesson elements, worksheets, stages-of-change assessment tools, problem solving or role play activities, and summary activities for evaluation and/or documentation) costs $695. If several additional topical resources are selected, the price per unit is reduced to $595. Further discounts are applied if you buy the whole program for multiple sites.

Each pricing is tailored your specific situation, budget needs, and program length. Please leave us a message at 1-212-462-3055 and tell us about what you are looking for, and we will price it for you. You will be pleased to discover that this is the most affordable option to address your programming needs!

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