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Spanish Language Resources

Spanish language resources includes key elements to prepare participants for intervention programming, significant gang intervention program resources, a core program based on CBT and problem solving skills, and a comprehensive transition resource for returning to the community. Nearly 60 resources provide a comprensive program in Spanish. Program length can range up to 300 program sessions.

Una Libertad Nueva

Una Libertad Nueva is a comprehensive Spanish language substance abuse, and behavioral health curriculum resource that addresses both educational and therapeutic goals. These state-of-the-art materials can be used with groups, in the classroom setting, as treatment "homework," for in-cell study, and with individuals. This material addresses areas such as cognitive-behavioral change, risk factors management, coping skills, and the development of realistic self-efficacy in relapse prevention. Available in both Spanish and English language versions for gang intervention and gang prevention programs.

Program Options

More than 60 workbooks available in both Spanish and English.

A Road Not Taken Substance Abuse Program In Spanish

An evidence-based, highly sucessful program was developed for and is currently in use at Rikers Island in New York City. This intensive, 72-hour intervention is a workbook-based group model built on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and linked to the Stages Of Change. An orientation/program introduction prepares clients for the upcoming treatment, and Pre- and Post-test tools help track change. MI tools are incorporated seamlessly into the text. Features of the program include:

  • detailed lesson plans
  • competency-based learning measures (Competency Checklists) to help assess understanding/insight and reinforce continuity of care
  • suggested pre-post testing options
  • staff support resources including an MI manual, a counselors manual, and an AODA MI toolkit
  • documentation of reduction in multiple re-arrests of 41.67% and a reduction in recidivism of 23%.

Download a Peer-Revied Journal Article about the program

Beyond The Bridge Mental Health Program In Spanish

Developed for the Mental Health units at New York City’s Department of Corrections (Rikers Island), this evidence-based and highly successful resource provides a comprehensive intervention core resource for significantly mentally-ill populations. It features 72 sessions based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, infused with MI, and featuring specific coping skills. A recent peer-reviewed article in the American Journal of Public Health reported that violent incidents across the Rikers Island facility are down 15%, but violent incidents among the population receiving our curriculum are down 31%. In an experimental cell unit using our programming violence was down 46% while in a mirror cell unit not using the materials violence was up by almost 500%. Features of the program include:

  • detailed lesson plans
  • competency-based learning measures (Competency Checklists) to help assess understanding/insight and reinforce continuity of care
  • suggested pre-post testing options
  • staff support resources including an MI manual and a counselors manual

Download a Table of Contents      Download a Peer-Revied Journal Article about the program

Gang Intervention & Gang Prevention Program Resources

Sample workbooks include:

  • ¿Qué tenías en mente?— challenges the gang mindset
  • ¿Qué necesitas? — needs and gangs
  • Viviendo una vida sin violencia 1 y 2
  • Comprendiendote a ti mismo 1y 2 — risk factors approach
  • Valores criminales
  • Respecto
  • Lealtad
  • Habilidades de enfrentamiento para emergencias
  • ¡Tienes opciones!

New Freedom A

20+ workbooks, 133+ hour program.

Sample workbooks include:

  • "¿Qué salio mal?",
  • Razones para cambiar
  • Auto-conocimiento: previniendo la recaída incrementando tu sensibilidad a tu patrón o ciclo
  • Habilidades de enfrentamiento para emergencias
  • Manejando situaciones difíciles

Returning Home

18 workbooks, 87+ hour program. Sample titles include:

  • Tus primeros días
  • Relacionándote con las personas de diferentes maneras
  • Tomando pasos positivos para tener control de tu vida
  • Práctica sobre el manejo de situaciones difíciles
  • Redes de Seguridad
  • Haciendo cambios de largo plazo

New Freedom A and Returning Home combined

Combined 220+ hour curriculum.

Curriculo Phoenix

A 25-hour program based on the popular Phoenix Curriculum, a youth gang prevention program. Useful for pre-release and probation programs, this material addresses problem solving. High interest, easy reading. Includes lesson plans, discussion starters, and student/youth materials in every lesson.


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